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From The Lecturer's Desk

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  NOVEMBER 5, 2012 --

My congratulations to all our winners at State Session.  If your Lecturer took home an award your whole Grange is the real winner.  Be sure and congratulate him or her.  Their good programs are extremely important to a successful Grange.

Our Complete Program Contest this year featured a program entitled “When He Was President”.  The winning entry was on Dwight Eisenhower and The Interstate Highway System.  All of us are affected by this on a regular basis.  I don’t think there are too many people who get around without ending up on one of the Interstate Highways.  The winners were:

1st - Susan Pianka, North Stonington Grange

2nd - Barbara Kulisch, Old Lyme Grange

3rd - Robin Cousens, Ekonk Grange

Our Essay Contest featured an essay of 150 words or less entitled “How I Would Change Our Grange”.  This contest proved very difficult to judge with a wide variety of items being mentioned.  The winning entry follows:


I am not sure that I would change anything in our Grange.  Think what a boring world it would be if everybody thought the same and were interested in doing the same things.  Every organization needs people of different abilities and different talents.  A difference in personalities is an important thing.  There would be either all leaders or all followers.  Variety is the spice of life.  It is healthy for us to have a difference of opinion.  When it comes down to ritualism I do wish more people would embrace it like I do, but is it really necessary for all to feel the way I do?  The important thing for a Grange is to have different talents and interests and that they function in a good manner, having the ability to get things done in their community.

Winners in the Essay Contest were:

1st - Debbie Barnes, Stonington Grange

2nd - Sue Gray, Ekonk Grange

3rd - Eleanor Davis, Killingly Grange

Complete information on all the contests for 2013 are included in the Newsletter each Lecturer received the beginning of the month.  While all this is fresh in your minds, may I suggest you ask her about the new contests and get a head start for next year.  Remember your Lecturer can’t do it all alone.  Please ask what you can do to help.

See you around the State.


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