Thursday, October 28, 2021
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From The Chaplain's Desk
November 2012 Chaplain's Corner

By Barbara C. Kulish, CT State Grange Chaplain

  NOVEMBER 5, 2012 --

“As Harvestors and Gleaners, we learn to be joyous and thankful for the blessings that, in each Autumn, reward our efforts to increase the store of comfort and happiness vouchsafed to man.”  (Master’s closing charge in the fourth degree.)

As we gather together with family and friends to ask the Lord’s blessing this Thanksgiving season, let us not forget our service men and women who fight daily to keep America free. Let us not forget those who are less fortunate than we ourselves. Let us continue to help out in our local Soup Kitchens in serving meals; or helping the Food Pantires with non-perishable food in your local Communities, not just at Holiday time, yet year round.

Help Me~Thanksgiving Day Prayer, By: Samuel F. Pugh. Oh God, When I have food, help me remember the hungry; When I have work, help me remember the jobless; When I have a home, help me remember those who have no home at all; When I am without pain, help me remember those who suffer; Let me be concerned enough to help those who cry out for what we take for granted. Amen.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Season!


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