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Camp Berger News Update

By Linda Coad, Camp Berger Trustees

  NOVEMBER 12, 2012 --

The Camp Trustees have worked hard the last two years with the State Grange Directors, Rich the Camp Caretaker and Dorian the Camp Director.  Many updates have been done and reported on to bring the Camp up to the point we are now.  And of course it all comes with a price.  As you all know the Pomona’s have been asked to handle the bill for roofing the buildings, we realize that this is a big undertaking but the camp is well worth the effort.

There are many more updates that need to be done.  We need to repair or replace some of the building underpinings. The well head needs to be brought up from underground, instead of having to climb down the manhole. With this in mind, it is on the agenda to revisit the 5 year plan.  This is a long range project as a project this size does not come together overnight.

Please support your camp in anyway you can.

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