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National Grange President congratulates Obama on re‐election, calls for unity and action in Washington, beyond

By National Grange Press Release (11/7/12)

  NOVEMBER 7, 2012 --

On Wednesday, National Grange President Ed Luttrell called on members of Congress and nation to focus on unity and congratulated President Barack Obama on his reelection.

Luttrell said both Obama and Romney spoke about unity during their speeches, a central theme of the 145-year-old nonpartisan organization.

“The Grange, as part of its motto, says, ‘In essentials, unity…’. Now is a time for unity and a time for leaders in Washington and around the nation to set aside partisan differences,” Luttrell said.  “We must be united in facing the many issues and challenges in America. Politicians – newly elected, re-elected or about to exit office – must take on these issues, including the expired Farm Bill, the potential for fiscal catastrophe with the pending sequestration and more. These things must be dealt with now, not pushed down the road for another Congress to deal with. America cannot wait.”

Luttrell said he hopes Obama will continue to call for expanded rural broadband access as he did in his first term and show greater support for those who produce the nation’s supply of food, fiber and fuel in the fields across America.

“The agriculture industry continues to lead America as a major jobs and security provider. It is imperative that any administration, in any term, understand the importance of agriculture and policies related to farming for our economy and our quality of life,” Luttrell said. “Everyone benefits from the products of agriculture and rural America.”

Luttrell said the National Grange looks forward to working with legislators from all sides on issues that affect hometowns across the United States.

Established in 1867, The National Grange, a nonpartisan, nonprofit fraternal organization, is the oldest agricultural and rural community service organization. With more than 2,100 local chapters, the Grange has evolved into the nation’s leading rural advocacy organization and a major benefactor to local communities. There are more than 160,000 members across the United States.

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