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National Grange: New Grange to be paperless all of 2013

By Amanda Brozana, Communications Director (National Grange Press Release 12/14/12)

  DECEMBER 27, 2012 --

Due to budgetary constraints, the National Grange has announced that it will not produce a printed edition of the New Grange in 2013.

The decision was made by the National Grange Board of Directors and approved by the delegate body as part of the passage of the 2013 National Grange Budget during the 146th Annual Convention in Boise, Idaho, held Nov. 11-17 for delegates.

National Grange Communications Director Amanda Leigh Brozana said the department is committed to providing information to all members through a regularly scheduled e-newsletter service, but said dissemination of that information will require the assistance of each member in this effort.

“If you know members who do not have email or the internet, please volunteer or find someone in your Grange who will print and distribute the e-newsletter editions to members,” Brozana said. “Every member who has an email address should be encouraged to sign up for our mailing list. Members can choose what products they want to receive, such as Grange news, benefits information and fraternal concerns.”

Brozana said about 9,000 people currently subscribe by email to the National Grange mailing list, while only about 8,500 were on the traditional printed New Grange mailing list.

“And a lot of those 8,500 copies weren’t going to members. They were going to old addresses that had never been updated by secretaries or members, some were going to members who had passed away and their families thought the Grange would know so they never canceled the subscription,” Brozana said.

Newsletters include many pieces of helpful information, including new programs, benefits, sales and legislative briefings.

“Members who are unable to receive this information miss out on much of what their dues were meant to cover,” Brozana said.

Brozana said the National Grange will adhere to the following publication schedule for 2013, producing e-newsletter editions during the following weeks:

Jan.  7 & 22
Feb. 4 & 25
March 11 & 25
April 8 & 22
May 6 & 20
June 3 & 17
July 1 & 22
Aug. 12 & 26
Sept. 9 &23
Oct. 7 & 21

November will include a convention round up featuring daily newsletters from the 147th Annual Convention Dec. 9

Brozana asked that all members receiving communications currently from the National Grange spread the word about  e-newsletters and encourage their Grange Brothers and Sisters to SUBSCRIBE in order to get on the mailing list.

Brozana also encouraged members to submit articles or story tips for the e-newsletter online at www.nationalgrange.com/news/submitsubscribe or by sending the information directly to abrozana@nationalgrange.org.

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