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Public Relations News
A new year ... a new communications strategy

By Terri Fassio, Public Relations Co-Director

  JANUARY 6, 2013 --

Effective communication between your Grange, your members and the public is key to obtaining your Grange goals.  Each Grange should have a plan of action - a communications strategy - looking ahead and consisting of the following:

• Setting your goals and objectives, such as growing your membership and retaining existing members, offering more events, or taking on a new community service project;

• Operational imperatives, such as making lists of things you must do as well as things that you would like to do, to achieve your goals;

• Environmental conditions, such as the ideas that you feel the public has about your Grange and objectives.  This is also known as public perception.

Communications strategies help form the big picture through plans supported by a series of specific activities to meet your Grange’s goals.  Your Grange’s plan of action serves as the framework for the future.  When creating your communications strategy, be realistic in your approach. Set goals that are achievable, yet ambitious.  Look for ways that your Grange can leverage existing projects and activities to achieve your goals.  And be sure to focus on preparation and make each activity and event as effective as possible.

Granges hold the key to their future.  2013 is a new year.  Bolster your Grange’s success by communicating clearly and effectively.


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