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National Grange offers new Credit Card benefit to members

By Samantha Johnson, Programs, Benefits and Sales Director (National Grange E-mail 2/7/13)

  FEBRUARY 21, 2013 --

The National Grange is excited to announce a brand new way that you can support National Grange!  They are introducing the new National Grange Visa® Platinum Rewards Card.

When you apply for and use your new National Grange Visa® Platinum Rewards Card, the bank will donate $50 and a percentage of all your future purchases on the card to National Grange!

The more of us who participate, the bigger the impact we can make.

All the benefits of a Platinum Visa® Rewards Card will be yours, along with the satisfaction of showing your support of National Grange's mission every time you use your card.

Apply now and earn points at hundreds of online retailers. Redeem your points for name-brand merchandise, event tickets, gift cards, travel rewards options, and more!*

P.S. Request your National Grange Visa® Platinum Rewards Card today and start earning points asap. 

* For more information about the Rewards program please visit www.cardpartner.com/affinity/rewards

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