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Time to share your Grange's Recipe for Success

By Amanda Brozana, Communications Director (National Grange Facebook 2/12/13)

  MARCH 3, 2013 --

Do you have a successful membership recruitment tactic/event? What about a profitable fundraiser that you think other Granges could replicate? Have you had an interesting lecturer's program that got local residents or media members into your halls and interested in the Grange? Is there a community service program your Grange has taken on that has made a positive impact in your hometown that you want to share? 

The National Grange Communications Department seeks information from Granges at all levels to create a "Recipes for Success in the Grange: A Resource Guide" 3-ring style notebook that includes information on proven lecturer's programs, membership recruitment efforts, fundraising, advocacy, media attention and other efforts. We hope to produce this volume by the 2013 convention and have it available as a resource for every Grange at every level. 

These will be written as recipes, as the name of the book implies. Each recipe should consist of at least the following:

-- Name of Project 

-- Type of Project (fundraiser; advocacy effort; membership effort, etc.) 

-- Grange Name, State, Number

-- Submitted By 

-- # of People: (a range is fine) 

-- $ Required: (again, a range is fine) 

-- Other Resources Required (Ingredients): 

-- Time Required: 

-- Skills Necessary:

Mix: (This should be about 200-500 words and tell - as a recipe does - the steps of the process from brainstorming to completion)

Notes/Hints: (here is where you can put information like "if you try this project, it may be best to invite a State Deputy" or "You may have to learn about different types of insurance in your area for such an event" or whatever)


Please send all submissions to abrozana@nationalgrange.org. Submissions can come with digital photos (in fact, we encourage it) or links to websites that showcase the Grange in action. ALSO: If you are citing a fundraiser by an outside company/vendor, please include their website.

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