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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for March

By Rebecca Gervais

  MARCH 15, 2013 --

At our February meeting, the girls had the program.  19 Junior members were present, and the total count was 42!!  Carly had a skit, Jenna and Ally ran games, Lillian played the piano, and Maria and Emily had them all design cards for each other.  We have some pretty creative kids!  I can’t wait until I can tell you what the boys came up with as they have the program for our March meeting.

The Family Fun Night, run by the Subordinate Grange was a LOT of fun!  An inexpensive night, topped off with an auction.  The auction is always a big hit.  Where else can you buy a 6 pack of Coke for $3,000?

The Windham County Trailblazers 4H Club is running a 6 week tractor safety course at our Grange.  6 of our members are taking part.  Most KNOW how to drive a tractor, but safety is such an important part that many of us overlook.

We passed out sashes for our badges.  A big thanks to Verna Cole for all of the sewing that she did.  We are looking into getting our names embroidered on each sash.

We have three kids waiting to join.  Two of them will be old enough by our April meeting.  Feel free to stop and visit!


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