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President's Ponderings: Prayer for Boston

By Ed Luttrell, National Grange President, (President's Ponderings Blog - 4/17/13)

  APRIL 17, 2013 --

Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon was a shock to all Americans. Every morning we wake up to see the updated news of this crime. Every Grange member is united in offering our prayers on behalf of the victims and their families. The horror and pain that man can cause can be relieved by the comfort and strength of God.

Today we stand with our fellow citizens in support and offer our comfort and sympathy to those affected. Family, friends, and neighbors, we join together to help all get through this horrible act.

Time will provide the answers of who and why. We must have patience for the investigators on this crime. Until then our prayers to give them strength and wisdom will continue.

Grange members across our nation share our strength and our compassion to all. Where we can help we will.

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