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New arrivals in the National Grange Store

By Samantha Johnson, Programs, Benefits and Sales Director (New Grange 4/25/13)

  MAY 6, 2013 --

The Grange store has added some fun new items available for purchase! These new items include: Grange Sharpie in blue for $2.00 and Navy Long Sleeve Shirt Small thru XL $35 and 2XL $36.

There are some items that have been out of stock for a couple of years that have now returned to the Grange store! These items include: the Golden Sheaf Button for $20 and the 4th Degree Past Master Pin with Gavel for $15.

Also, the Grange is reintroducing the Grange Umbrella and the Grange Binder with new designs. The Grange Umbrella costs $12.50 and the Grange Binder costs $6.

Check out these new items at www.grangestore.org.  You can order online at the Grange Store or by calling the National Grange Sales, Benefits and Programs Director  Samantha Johnson at 202-628-3507 ext. 109.

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