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Deputies' Corner
Deputy Corner: Inspection Reports

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  JULY 3, 2013 --

By now over half of our Granges have already received their inspection reports for 2013.  It is important that the information on these reports is shared with all of the members/officers.  The inspection program is designed to provide Granges with the information they need to continue growing and improving in their work.  Overall, most of our Granges are doing excellent work and we thank you for welcoming the Deputies warmly and for having all of the needed materials ready for them when they arrive.  I can tell you first hand that there is nothing more enjoyable than inspecting a Grange that has everything in order and the meeting is conducted in a smooth and orderly fashion.

With that said, we encourage you to contact me or your deputy if you have any questions about your inspection and to work on the things identified on your reports.  If you need instruction, please let us know and we will be happy to conduct a School of Instruction for your Grange or to provide whatever resources you need.  You just have to call or email!


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