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Deputies' Corner
Deputy Corner: Executive Committee Reports

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  AUGUST 5, 2013 --

I hate Executive Committee reports!!!!  I’m sure that’s something many of you say every time the Grange year closes and a new reporting deadline looms on the horizon.  It seems like I’m constantly talking about these reports (I probably am) but it truly is a major project getting them all in, balanced and filed properly.  Despite all of my talking about them, there still seems to be confusion about their purpose and what is required of the Granges.

Why do we file Executive Committee reports?  As a non-profit organization that is required to meet certain guidelines by both the IRS and the Connecticut State Grange, this report serves as an important internal audit of the financial condition of each Grange.  These reports also can be used as a useful tool for Granges to evaluate their financial condition and make more educated decisions on fundraising, activities and the general operation of the Grange.

No one really looks at these reports at the State Grange!  We have heard that statement more than once from members and it is absolutely not true.  Every report is reviewed by the General Deputy upon receipt and if there are errors or information missing, Granges are contacted to make the necessary corrections.  Upon completion of the annual Inspection, the General Deputy attaches a copy of this report to the Inspection for his review before the final inspection report is returned to the Grange.  When all is completed, the reports are then forwarded to the State Secretary for filing.

In addition, we ask Granges to supply a copy of this report to the Deputy on the night of inspection.  Some Granges do not do this because they think it’s not necessary if they have already sent it to the General Deputy.  This is also not true, as the Deputy uses this report in his/her review of the Secretary and Treasurer’s records during the Inspection looking for the supporting information that was reported on the Exec. Comm. report.

Unfortunately we still have a few Granges that have not filed their reports (as of July 27).  The reports are due to the General Deputy on December 31 (if your books close on September 30) or April 1 if your books close on December 31.  Hope does truly spring eternal-- and we do hope all of our Granges make an effort to get these reports in (with all sections on the front and back of the form completed) by the deadline.  We thank all of the Granges who have faithfully filed their reports on time.  IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!


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