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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for August

By Rebecca Gervais

  AUGUST 5, 2013 --

We had a great time camping.  21 stayed over the first night and 26, on the second.  More came to play and eat.  Mosquitoes also visited, and stopped for a meal, or two.  The mosquitoes also provided us with a game...connect the dots!  A good time was had.  In fact, they are planning a second trip!  Thanks to the Bonners for cooking the suppers, and for everyone pitching in!  The Windham County Trailblazers, a 4H group, held a chalk-drawing contest for us as well as water-balloon fun, and an awesome scavenger hunt!  They are a great group, and now we have members who belong to both, so we both benefited!

Carly Sebastian won the pledge contest.  GOOD JOB, Carly!  We may try this contest again.  We ended our July meeting with a cake to celebrate the 8th grade Graduation of several of our members and more water-balloon fun!

The Sterling Public Library held a Kick-Off Summer Reading Celebration, on July 6th.  We had the sandbox filled with sand and treasures.  The theme for summer reading is “Dig into reading”, so we had kids digging in the sandbox for treasures.  Some found “diamonds”, or dinosaurs, or shells and sand dollars.  It was a big hit!  We also brought along play-doh.  --Thanks, to Carrie Molodich for giving us a bunch of play-doh!  This was also well enjoyed!  AND, we did a scavenger hunt.  Kids found pennies, glow bracelets, pebbles, and other “treasures”.  It was a super HOT and HUMID day, but a lot of fun!  Thanks to all who helped!!

Our fair is coming up, August 10th.  We are having Dave from Animal Experiences come with his vast assortment of animals.  He has snakes, turtles, lizards, a tree frog, a hedgehog, a chinchilla, and other great creatures!  He gives a short speech about the animals and then, we are allowed to handle them!  We can’t wait!  Many other things are going on, so plan to come on down!  You could finish your day with a peach supper!  Yum-yum.


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