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From The Lecturer's Desk

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 --

THANK YOU to all forty-nine people from Connecticut who came to the 98th Annual North East Grange Lecturers’ Conference.  

THANK YOU to everyone who helped with Connecticut’s program whether it was giving me ideas, writing a script or being in the program.  You are all important.  Together we did it.

THANK YOU to our refreshment crew who provided a variety of refreshments to over a hundred people each night and managed to get everything donated.

THANK YOU to our key bearer who missed most of the conference so she could let us in the dorms.

THANK YOU to our Talent Winners who represented Connecticut on Spirit Night.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated toward my wonderful gift on Tuesday night.  Connecticut people are the best.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID.  If you notice I didn’t mention names.  It was everyone that made the conference great and you all played an important role in this.  This year was an experiment.  We knew we had to change the format to keep the price within reason and yet provide information and entertainment for those who attended.  You all helped prove that this could be done.

Lecturers, it is getting close to the end of the Grange year.  If your reports are not up to date, now is the time to take care of that.  Your Honor Lecturer form will be mailed with the September/October Newsletter.  This and the other reports need to be back to me by October 1st.  Please don’t be late, I already have judges who can’t wait to see what you have accomplished this year.

See you around the State.


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