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National Grange Patriot's Program CDs Available

By National Grange Press Release (9/6/13)

  OCTOBER 1, 2013 --

The National Grange program's department is very excited to bring you the newest edition to this year's program on World War II. The first step in this program is a CD that includes two PowerPoints, slide presentation notes and information on the Patriots Program for the whole year.

The first PowerPoint deals with "Programs in World War II". This focuses on the different activities of civilians during World War II and then what programs Granges participated in. You will also find a word search puzzle for fun. Along with that, you will also find an article focusing on the activities of the Connecticut State Grange during WWII and a photo of the plane they were able to support. The second PowerPoint focuses on the use of Propaganda during WWII, in both America and Germany.  You will find an interactive PowerPoint slide, notes to expand on and a word search as well. 

These CD's are available for FREE to Granger's due to the sponsorship of Potomac Grange #1. There will be one more disc in this collection, which we hope to have ready in the fall. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha Johnson, Programs Director, at sjohnson@nationalgrange.org or 888-447-2643 ext. 109.  

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