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Agriculture / Conservation News
State Grange represented at State Capitol

By Janet Healy, Agriculture Committee Director

  MAY 2007 -- Wednesday, March 21 was Agriculture Day at the Connecticut State Capitol.  The Grange was one of the 42 agricultural organizations present in one of the largest Ag Days in many years.  Over 150 legislators visited the exhibits.
The Ag Day program is important in raising awareness of agriculture’s role in our state economy.  Our own Phil Prelli, Commissioner of Agriculture, was the speaker and read the proclamation, as well as assisted n the awards given to the young farmer of the year and the outstanding news reporter.
Our display included a board depicting our state agriculture activities included legislation, working with other groups, and our own contests and fairs, pamphlets, and as “give-aways” there were pens and homemade cookies.  I would like to thank those Granges in Mountain County Pomona who so graciously baked the cookies for this event, and thanks to the Central Office for the pens.
The Grange was represented by Gordon Gibson, Bob Brockett, and Janet and Dick Healy.  For me, it was a great day!
The next thing on our agenda is to get the seed dispersed for the Agriculture Contest.  This will probably be done at the Pink Sash meeting at the end of April.
One last thing, in talking to Phil Prelli, he stated that one thing that Granges can do is to volunteer to help in Farmer’s Markets if there is one in your area.


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