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Agriculture / Conservation News
Busy year ahead for Ag. Committee

By Janet Healy, Agriculture Committee Director

  APRIL 2007 -- The Agricultural Committee has started its year.  The Director traveled to the New England Leader’s Conference where she met with Directors from all the New England States and New York.  It was an experience to learn of the sameness of the problems and the work being done in the various states. 

At that time it was decided to do a one day fly-in to the capital in Washington to speak to our representatives about our concerns.   Consequently, on February 27 seven representatives from New England and New York met with their Congresspeople.  We were fortunate to meet with representative Joe Courtney, the district from which Gordon Gibson comes from, and with Rep. Chris Murphy,, the district from which Janet and Richard are from.
We presented our concerns among other things about the price of milk in New England, the conservation of Farm Land, the need to upgrade our infrastructure in our state, the Borderlands Project, and alternate forms of energy.

The Grange Agricultural Committee met at Meriden Grange on Sunday, February 25.  Four of our members were there.  At the meeting we divided the areas of concern among the members.  For the present the most urgent programs are the getting of thee seed for the contest and Agricultural Day at the State Capitol.  As the results of these assignments come in, we will keep you informed in each of these articles.
Jon Hermonot has been assigned to the Borderlands Project as his project of the year.  Jon has received an honor to be a part of an agricultural program in New York State and he is very busy.  He will returning at the termination of the program to finish his schooling at UConn.  Because of this, Janet and Richard traveled to Ekonk Grange to a meeting of the Village Innovation Pilot Program, which is one of the many programs involved in the Borderlands Project.  Jon’s father, Rick, was at the meeting and will keep Jon informed on any project.


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