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National Grange offers Private Health Insurance Exchange

By National Grange Press Release (12/17/2013)

  December 20, 2013 --
National Grange is pleased to announce our Private Health Insurance Exchange, allowing members and friends guaranteed access to health insurance through 2014.

Our National Grange Private Health Insurance Exchange means you can shop now for competitive rates and enroll now in all 50 states for the healthcare coverage you need.

Key Features:

  • Shop the Private Health Insurance Exchange now for the best rates for guarantee issue health coverage.
  • Effective January 1, 2014 all applicants will be guaranteed issue with no pre-existing condition requirements.
  • Through our partnership with National Affinity Services you will have access to the public subsidized government marketplaces (individuals with less than $46,000 and families with lees than $94,000 in household income may qualify).
  • If you do not quality for a subsidy, enroll in the National Grange Private Marketplace where you will have access to more insurers and providers.
  • You can go online get a quote and enroll now. Additional plans we offer include Dental, Life and Accident.
  • Members have access to health insurance in all 50 states from the top carriers.
Schedule a consultation with one of National Affinity Services' Licensed Insurance Agents or request a quote today by calling toll free 855-533-1776 or visiting the website at http://nationalaffinity.net/quote/national_grange/.
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