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Deputies' Corner
Deputy Corner: Schools of Instruction Coming Soon

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  JANUARY 5, 2014 --


Winter is here and we’re already feeling the effects with many Granges having to reschedule or cancel meetings due to weather.  We remind all Granges of their obligation to meet once a month per the National Digest:

6.12.1  A Subordinate Grange must meet regularly once a month and may provide for additional meetings in its By-Laws.

The calling of a special meeting may be required to meet this obligation but it is one of the things a Grange MUST do to maintain its Charter.  Please feel free to contact me and especially the State Master if you have any questions or are having any difficulties.  Keeping a line of communication open with the State Grange is always encouraged.



As was announced at State Session, the Schools of Instruction for the Community Granges will have a new format this year.  Rather than having 8 individual Schools in each of the Pomonas, there will be 2 Schools (one in the East and the other in the West).  There will be a Leadership presentation by the State Master and then the Masters and Overseers will meet with the State Master and General Deputy while the Lecturers, Secretaries and Treasurers will meet with their State Grange counterparts.  All members are encouraged to attend the Schools, but we especially encourage the officers listed above to come with any and all questions they have about their Grange work.

We anticipate holding these Schools in February but the dates and locations were not confirmed by the printing of this issue of the Granger.  Communications will be sent out to each Community Grange along with Twitter, Facebook and website notices as the information becomes available.



Pomona Schools of Instruction will follow the same format of the last couple of years and will be scheduled on a meeting night of each Pomona.  We ask all Pomona Lecturers to omit their programs for the evening to allow enough time for the School and to keep the meeting within a reasonable length.  Again, the dates were not available at the time of this printing, but we will keep you posted when the information becomes available.



We remind Granges that copies of your 2013 Steward’s Inventory should be submitted at the same time you file your Executive Committee Reports with the General Deputy.  Copies should also be available for the Deputy on the night of Inspection.


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