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From The Historian's Desk
Daylight saving time an old topic in the Grange

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  APRIL 2007 -- We have already changed to Daylight Saving Time.  As I was reading some old Journals of Proceedings, I found it interesting to learn that in 1929 the National Grange opposed the “Continuation of Daylight Saving” time in any section of the United States.

Further on our Legislative Committee at its meeting reported on “House Bill No. 11 - An act to repeal Section No. 1, Chapter 231 of the Public Acts of 1923.  This act would displace any  chance to continue Standard Time as at present.  Voted that the Legislative Committee work against the repeal of the bill for Standard Time.  Voted that Mr. Ives try to arrange with the State Chamber of Commerce and other interests that if it is desirable to begin court or other public business one hour earlier than formerly that all such changes shall be on Standard Time.”
This might make an interesting topic in your program.
Some other items listed that the National Grange opposed were “Employment in public schools of teachers addicted to use of cigarettes; The use of women’s pictures in advertising cigarettes; the policy of many daily newspapers in spreading crime by giving needless publicity to its details.


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