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Hillstown Junior Grange News Update for February

By Michelle DeDominicis

  FEBRUARY 11, 2014 --

This past November, Hillstown Grange celebrated 125 years!  A ceremony was held on Sunday, November 10th  2013.  East Hartford Mayor, Marcia LeClerc presented the Grange with a proclamation. Many state officers were in attendance and State Master Jody Cameron sent his congratulations.

Members provided insight found from meeting minutes taken in the 1890’s of current events of the time. Our Junior Grangers provided a musical showcase of their talents. Recognized were our members that have been a member for 25 or more years, especially Mary Jacobs that will be recognized as a 70 year member this coming year!

To give back to the community that supports us, Socks, undergarments and sweatshirts were donated to the East Hartford Men’s Shelter.

Hillstown Grange hosted Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, January 8th from 8:30  to noon. Stay tuned for details on the monthly Garden programs to be held at our hall. Contact Frank Forrest for more details or check out our website at www.HillstownGrange.org!

The Hillstown Junior Grangers will be preparing their Sign a Song and speeches for the Northeast Regional Youth conference - They will be holding several fund raisers so that more Junior Grangers from Hillstown will be able to attend.  Any one that is looking to sponsor a Junior Granger - please feel free to Contact Michelle DeDominicis.

Angelina DeDominicis and Kayla Michaud were able to participate in the 14th National Grange Convention.  Visiting the New Hampshire State House and  the SEE Science Center to name a few activities offered.

They also were able to have a sleep over with Hank the Burro - thankfully he is potty trained!

As we celebrate 125 years of Junior Grange along with the rest of our nation, we look to learn more about our heritage!  Happy 2014!

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