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What's New with Grange Radio

By Hayley Tonner,National Grange Communications Fellow (Grange Monthly Newsletter 1/31/14)

  FEBRUARY 19, 2014 --

Grange Radio’s website is undergoing a little construction to make it as interactive and user friendly as possible.

One of the newest features is the ability to post to Facebook from the Grange Radio website. There have also been updates to the Grange Weather, Grange Events, Honor a Veteran and Grange Birthday’s pages. Look for more updates to the website to come soon!

Grange Radio would not and cannot continue to exist without your support! Grange Radio is a fully listener supported station and not only do we need monetary support but we also need content contributors. If you love Grange Radio, as I’m sure you do, consider a way you can contribute as every little bit helps!

Please visit grangeradio.org for more information on how to contribute to Grange Radio or contact Amanda Brozana abrozana@nationalgrange.org

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