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Family Activities News
Family Activities: New Quilt Contest Information

By Pat Palmer, CT State Grange Family Activities Director

  MARCH 6, 2014 --

Good News - Bad News!

Received new information from National regarding the Quilt Block Contest.

Good News - It is the same pattern that was published in last month’s Granger with the same color scheme.  They have also added two additional categories - same pattern - quilted throw pillow finished size 18” x 18” - finished, batted and backed and a quilted table runner size 17” x 56” - also finished.

Bad News - all entries will have to be done by Let’s Celebrate in June as they have to be to National by September - well before State Session AND ALL ENTRIES become the property of the National Grange.

All pertinent information, including entry blank information, has been sent to the Pomona Family Activities chairmen.  If you have any questions you can contact them or myself.

Sorry about the lateness of this information - just received it from National.


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