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It's THAT TIme of Year Again
  FEBRUARY 2007 -- It is THAT time of year again for many of us! Our Dues Notice has come in the mail, either as a part of the Grange newsletter, or a separate mailing. 2007 is here!
The Secretary tells us when we join the Grange that our “dues are payable in advance and should always be cheerfully and promptly met.”
Each local Grange is supposed to set the dues for the coming year in the month of November, and notify the members of the amount payable. Included in your local dues are the amounts due the State and the National Granges.
Each State Grange sets their dues as part of adopting their budget for the year at their annual convention.
National Grange dues are set by the delegates to the National convention. Your State Grange Master is one of those delegates. Currently the National Grange dues are $8.00 per year for individual fraternal members, $10.00 per year for Associate members, and $16.00 per year for “family memberships”.
The delegates at the convention in Springfield Illinois this past November started the process to increase the dues to the National Grange by $2.00 per year starting in January of 2008. This action will require another affirmative vote of the delegates to the 2007 convention in Reno Nevada in November of 2007 before it goes into effect.
The delegates took action this year also to simplify the process of removing members from the roll for non-payment of dues. Granges are permitted to vote to drop members from the roll of the Grange if they fail to pay their annual dues in a reasonable length of time. Since dues are payable in advance, it is expected that each member will have paid their 2007 annual dues by the end of the first calendar quarter, March 31. The Grange Secretary must make at least one contact in writing with the members, and may now make a second attempt either in writing, verbally or electronically to secure the payment before presenting the name of any member to the Grange as being delinquent.
Let’s make sure our annual dues are paid before March 31 so we don’t get reported as delinquent, and risk being dropped from the rolls of the Grange!


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