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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for April

By Rebecca Gervais

  APRIL 17, 2014 --

The girls took charge of the program at our February meeting, where we had 31 in attendance.  Special thanks to Lillian who took charge of the program.  Maria sang and played the electric guitar, Brianna played the piano, Ally had a reading, Lacey had a joke, Lilly and Jenna ran balloon games. Balloons are always a hit!  Great job girls!  In March, the boys had the program, and we had 34 present.  Connor was sick, but, his dad had the group enjoying charades.  Bonus: chocolate kisses and hugs when you acted and/or guessed what was being acted out.  Lots of kisses and hugs were earned.  Jared had a quick game of find the hidden chocolates.  Hmm.  Perhaps, our boys enjoy chocolate.

In February, Lacey Kenneth joined.  She has been coming to many of our meetings and programs, and was in our Christmas play.  So happy to have her as part of our group!  Welcome, Lacey!

We collected items for Ben Cousens, a past Junior member who is in the Marines.  Several donated money to help ship his package.  Thanks to all who chipped in!

Our St. Judes totals are finally in.  We raised $341.00, not as much as we had hoped, but, pretty good for a-Kid-run Walk-a-thon.  Thanks to Jenna for chairing this event.  Jenna, Jared and Brianna all earned T-shirts for their efforts.

We are having a couple of sign language classes.  A teacher from Sterling Community school is teaching us.  We had our first class March 8th.  We learned the a,b,c’s, a few colors, and The Pledge of Allegiance.  She is a great teacher, and it was a fun lesson.  Cannot wait for lesson #2!  Some of our Juniors will sign the Pledge when it is spoken at our Anniversary Celebration in April.

On March 9th, we went to Tom Sweet’s farm to learn about maple syrup, and how they collect it.  Amazing.  As of this writing, it hasn’t been a great year for the sap.  Too cold.  After explaining the process of tapping a tree, then, connecting the tubing and running it with the correct pitch, we went for a short walk to see their lines.  They have a LOT of tubing, with plans of putting even more in.  Obviously, they have a well thought-out operation.   Tom and his dad have a lot of patience, too!  They allowed each kid to tap a tree in their front yard.  They used the pail method here.  You do not get as much sap, but, it was a great chance for the kids to get “hands-on” learning!  What a fantastic lesson!  After the tour, we went back to the hall to thaw out, and to have breakfast for supper.  French toast, waffles, sausage, bacon, hash browns, topped with REAL MAPLE SYRUP!  Yum-yum!  What a super supper.  Thanks to the Sweets for the donation of a gallon of syrup and their time!  Thanks also, to Russell and Sue Gray, Jim and Verna Cole, Jack and Patty Cottrell, Clifford Gervais and Link Cooper for their skills in the kitchen and for cleaning up.

Congratulations to Jared Gervais who recently received his third-place-award, in his age group, for Creative Writing at National!

We are BUSY here at Ekonk!  Feel free to stop in, anytime!

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