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From The Lecturer's Desk
A busy summer in the Lecturer’s Dept.

By Marge Bernhardt, State Lecturer/Programming Director

  SEPTEMBER 2007 --

Thank you.  Thanks to all of you, Lecturers Conference 2007 was a complete success.  Everyone was wonderful, working together and filling in whenever and wherever needed.  If you missed it, you missed a real good time.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to my gift.  You all helped to make this a most memorable experience for me.
It’s that time of year again.  Please make sure you get all your reports in so we can recognize all the fine work you all do everyday of the year.  Lecturers are very important to their respective Granges.  We need our programs to keep our current members happy and attending and to attract new members.  We can also get members out who haven’t attended in a while by asking them to take part in the program. 

Good Luck and I’ll see you around the State.

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