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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for May

By Rebecca Gervais

  MAY 16, 2014 --

We here on Ekonk Hill had a busy March, and first week of April!  The meeting and maple syrup tour, I mentioned last time.  We also had a couple of sign language classes.  They were fun!  I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids.  6 of the kids felt comfortable enough to sign the pledge of Allegiance at our Anniversary Celebration!  We had to speak the pledge slower than normal, but, the kids did wonderfully! Great way to start off the Anniversary Celebration!  Thanks Donalyn, Kayla, Abby, Evelyn, Carly and Lillian!

The Anniversary Celebration was for our Subordinate’s 125th, and our 35 Anniversary’s.  The committee did a fantastic job putting together a well-rounded program!  Hats off to them!  The Juniors also danced, in costume, to YMCA.  We had some pretty awesome cowboys and construction workers!  Great job: Donalyn, Kayla, Casey, Patrick, Carly, and Russell!!  We also did a short skit!  The girls did a super job!  Donalyn, Emily, Kayla, Carly and Lillian are our up-and-coming actors!  ;)

In March, we also held a spaghetti supper with a program of Native American Stories and games.  The meal was superb!  Thank you, Sue Gray, for your cooking skills!  Ranger Russ entertained us with a few stories, with lessons to be learned in each.  The games were entertaining as well as educational!  One was a counting game (Not sure the kids realized they were practicing a skill!) and the other was a memory game.  Both simple and easy to throw together on a rainy day!  The program was good enough that we will be having Ranger Russ back for an Ethnobotany walk!  On the walk, he will show us plants that the Native Americans ate, what is poisonous, and plants they used for cording, or in other uses.

At our April meeting, we had 20 members present, and the best part was watching Evelyn and Abby Dexter join!  They have helped us with our Christmas play for  a few years, and have always been great additions to anything they come to!  Welcome girls!

We will be going to Orchard Grove Convalescent home before Easter, with a bunny, or two.  Looking forward to that.  We seem to keep busy; if you ever want to join our fun, stop on by!

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