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President's Ponderings: Junior Grange Experience

By Ed Luttrell, National Grange President (President's Ponderings Blog 6/19/14)

  JUNE 20, 2014 --

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of giving the membership obligation to my grandson as part of his becoming a Junior Granger.

He was scared at first in the roomful of adults and so his grandmother carried him up to the altar. Enfolded in the safety of grandma’s arms, he was willing to trade smiles with his grandpa. Once at the Altar, he got into the ceremony and listened intently as the obligation was given to him. He especially enjoyed learning the sign and salutation.

As a grandparent it was a great evening. While Mason has no idea of what he is going to learn, see, and experience as a Junior Granger, his grandparents do know. He will learn leadership skills that will help him the rest of his life. He will be surrounded and influenced by people who care and work to make others’ lives better. He will make friends and have so much fun! He will make memories that will last a lifetime.

I also have the awareness that there are so many children needing what we have in the Junior Grange program. The new individual Junior membership gives every child the opportunity to have this experience. I believe that this change will give many Granges the incentive to provide the Junior program to every child that needs it. By taking that action, it will lead to the creation of new Junior Grange units.

4-H, Scouts, and so many more great organizations are out there for children to participate in. The fact is that Grange members believe that the Junior Grange program is second to none. In fact, many Junior Grange members also proudly participate in several of these programs and many Granges support these programs in a variety of ways.

Our organization’s goal is for the Junior Grange program to be a well-rounded leadership development program. One which lets every child reach their full potential and to prepares them for that moment when they are eligible to join your Community Grange as a young adult.

I urge every grandparent to join with Celia and I in ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and have so much fun through the Junior Grange. It will make your day!

Your Community Grange need only to open your hearts and doors to a young person and one more child will benefit. We understand that the way to help people and children is one at a time.

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