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National Grange Health Insurance Enrollment Available

By National Grange Press Release (June 2014)

  JULY 22, 2014 --

Did you know that you can still enroll under the Affordable Care Act if you have a Qualifying Event?  In most cases that will trigger a 60 day Special Enrollment Period when you can change your existing coverage or apply for a new plan.


Have you experienced?

•  A permanent move to a new area that doesn’t carry your plan?

• Permanently moving to a new location, that has a different coverage area.


A change in your family

• Marriage or divorce

• Birth or adoption of a child

• Death of a family member

• Changes in your household size

• Graduating college or losing coverage from your parent’s health plan


A change in disability status

Loss of eligibility

- Medicaid

- CHIP (Child Health Insurance Plan)

A change in your employment status- like a job change or job loss, that would result in an involuntary loss of your employer-sponsored plan

Loss of existing health coverage because of

- Job change/Job Loss

- Expiration of your COBRA benefits

If you fall under any of these categories, please visit the following website for a free quote of National Grange Health Insurance:


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