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From The Historian's Desk
Grange Historian: Update on the brass bell

By Edith Schoell, CT State Grange Historian

  JULY 5, 2014 --

Last month I mentioned that a brass bell had been added to the archives.  In searching through the 1957 records, it was a year when "gimmicks" were presented to a Grange whenever it visited another Grange.  (I am not certain if this was a gravel or a banner.)

A record was retained with the "gimmick" showing how times times a Grange captured it.  My search found following a list of Honor Granges,  “the Worthy Master announced that the “Grange of the year” was Hamden Grange No. 99 and presented them with a speaker’s bell for their Grange Hall.”  Donald Peck was State Master at that time.


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