Thursday, October 28, 2021
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From The Chaplain's Desk
August 2014 Chaplain's Corner

By Barbara C. Kulisch, CT State Grange Chaplain

  AUGUST 6, 2014 --

Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry can comfort those in distress, as this Christian poem does. It’s a Christian verse that acknowledges that we can derive strength, courage and comfort from knowing our Lord is always there for us. 


Nothing We Can’t Handle


No matter what distressing times I face,

When rain and storms replace the sunny weather,

When things I counted on fail to sustain me,

There’s noting we can’t handle, Lord, together.


If those I thought were friends act more like foes,

If I start to lose things I hold most dear,

I know that I can tell it all to You:

You want to listen to me and to hear.


When my earthly world dissolves before my eyes,

When problems seem to great for me to bear,

You’ll always be there for me, Lord, I know;

I can come to you on bended knees in prayer.


It’s such a comfort, Lord, to realize,

You’ll always be my King, my Lord, my Friend;

To share my burdens, worries, and my cares,

You’ll love me and support me to the end.


by Joanna Fuchs


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