Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Around The Grange
Welcome New Members!
  AUGUST 14, 2014 --

We welcome all of these new members and congratulate the Granges for helping to Grow the Grange.  Has your Grange brought in new members?  Have you told us about them?  Let us know at granger@ctstategrange.org and we'll print their names in an upcoming issue of the Connecticut Granger and on the CT State Grange website.


Patti Tarca -- Cawasa Grange #34

Charles Izzarelli -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Maria Angelone -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

George Bloom (demit) -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Joan Bloom (demit) -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Donalyn Berry -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Emily Bonner -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Christian Gagas -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Andrea Truppa -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Adam Griffiths -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Emily Griffiths -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Jamie Izzarelli -- Ekonk Community Grange #89

Carly Sebastian -- Ekonk Community Grange #89


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