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Update on National Grange Public Radio Campaign

By National Grange Press Release (September 2014)

  OCTOBER 18, 2014 --

Earlier this year, our very own National Grange Public Radio suffered a catastrophic setback.  The equipment used to produce and broadcast the station was damaged beyond repair by the severe weather that afflicted the area.  As many of you know, National Grange Public Radio has become an excellent resource for Grange members and non-Grange members alike.  Since its inception in November of 2013, NGPR has been slowly but surely increasing not only the number of listeners, but also the types of informational, educational and informative programming it has to offer.

To raise money for the new equipment, the National Grange held a Booster T-Shirt drive with all profits going to purchasing new equipment for NGPR.  The shirts, emblazoned with the National Grange Public Radio logo, were one-of-a-kind and would never be sold again.

And the results were overwhelming.  Over the 30 day period, we sold 88 shirts and raised $1630 for National Grange Public Radio.  We want to thank all of you that helped out this great cause.  Your support will allow National Grange Public Radio to get back on the air and to continue offering high quality programming.

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