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Deputies' Corner
Deputies' Corner: Thanks and appreciation

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy, CT State Grange

  OCTOBER 5, 2014 --

It’s hard to believe this is the last of our four years in this administration.  There’s been a lot of work to do and even more work lies ahead for the next administration.  There always is!

It is very important for me to take this space to thank the Deputy State Masters of the Connecticut State Grange for their service to our organization and for their dedication to the Order.  It is not an easy job.  Many of our members would rather not see the Deputy walk into their halls on Inspection Night, but it is a job that has to be done and they ALL have done their jobs well and with respect and honor.

We have also relied on the help of Brothers Jeff Barnes and Jody Cameron for filling in wherever an extra hand was needed.  Jeff inspected as many Granges each year as any other Deputy and we thank him.

Victor Salazar, Joan Ziegler, Irene Percoski and J. Allen Cameron also served as Deputies but stepped down for various reasons during this term and we thank them for their service.  You continue to be considered a part of this team. 

Finally, I would like to thank Brother Cameron for his friendship and for the opportunity to serve as General Deputy of the Connecticut State Grange.  While in some respects it seems like a very long road we have traveled, it also seems like we just started yesterday! 


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