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Hillstown Junior Grange News for October

By Michele DeDominicis

  OCTOBER 5, 2014 --

Greeting from Hillstown Grange!

Regular meeting to be held on October 9th and Halloween Costume night will be held on October 23rd - all are welcome!

As we look forward to the fall weather - we appreciate the bountiful gardens we tended this summer - enjoying all the fresh fruit and vegetables.  Donations to our neighbors and food banks have been well received.

Notice was sent this summer and we met to update our Grange’s bi-laws - for any Hillstown Granger that would like details of what was changing - please contact Frank Forrest, Master. The changes are now on their way to the State for review.

The Junior Grangers at Hillstown are busy little bees!

Many of our Grangers were excited to start school this year as most are moving into a new school.  Some are starting high school.  Others are starting middle school, getting braces on, getting them off!

We were excited to have the opportunity to go to Grange Day at the Big E.  Always a favorite activity to march in the parade and hang out in the Grange Building.

We are preparing our crafts for State Session and are looking forward to the Junior/Youth Tour to the Dinosaur State Park!  We are looking forward to seeing other CT Juniors there too!

Hope all is well with everyone - Happy Fall!

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