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From The Historian's Desk
1893 Past Masterís Badge discovered in Central Office

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  NOVEMBER 2007 -- The first Past State Master’s Badge to ever be presented to a Connecticut State Master was presented in 1893.  In the 1894 Journal of Proceedings we find the following:  “Brother Howard C. Peck, of Hope Grange No. 20 offered the following, which was adopted:  Resolved: That a record of the presentation of the Past Master’s Badge of Love at the State Meeting of the Grange in Torrington in 1893, be placed upon the records of the Annual of 1894 as a testimonial of affectionate and grateful recognition of the persistence and perseverance in holding the Grange of Connecticut together by Father Sherman Kimberly of Hope Grange No. 20.”
“A very handsome Past Master’s badge has been procured and Worthy Master George Austin Bowen, rising in the midst of a very busy session, asked Brother Sherman Kimberly to come to the platform; he, little thinking what was coming and wholly unprepared for anything, except more work for the good of the order, was quickly at his side, when he told him of the esteem and gratitude the members of the Order would ever hold towards him for the work he was so faithful in and asked him to accept the badge of “Past Master” as a token of remembrance and love from the Connecticut State Grange.”
This Past Master’s pin made of dark green ribbon with a gold fringe on the bottom, having the letters PM within a square at the top is now in a frame hanging in the Central Office.  It is really a treasure.

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