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From The Historian's Desk
50 Years Ago

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  DECEMBER 2007 -- Fifty years ago (1957) the State Grange met at the Footguard Hall in Hartford.  Donald K. Peck was finishing up his term in office as State Master.  The Sixth Degree was conferred on the first evening of the session and State Secretary Ellsworth Covell reported there were 228 candidates waiting to take the degree.
At the evening session of the second day, the youth filled the offices.  Two familiar names are listed - Philip Bergquist, of Redding, as Master, and Anne Seger, of Cherry Brook, as Lady Assistant Steward.
Those who listened to WTIC will remember the name of Frank Atwood.  He was presented an award for his outstanding contributions to agriculture, in the field of farm news reporting.  I believe Frank Atwood was on the air at 5 A.M. just before Bob Steele hit the air waves.
This was the year that Cherry Brook Grange placed first in the nation for its community service project


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