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Family Activities News
The Melody Lingers On

By Betty Jane Gardiner, State Women's Activities Director

  NOVEMBER 2007 -- The Big E is over and we are happy to report a very successful year for the Country Store of the New England Grange Building.  Much of the credit must go to the good folks across the six states who answered the call of the W.A. Directors who spearheaded the drive for handmade things to be sold. 

Connecticut came through with the usual overwhelming response, and we thank you so much!!!  We had piles of lovely items- but by the end of the first week we began to have serious doubts that there would be enough nice things to last until the end of the Fair!  New items came in almost every day- so we made it!!!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you made for us- and extra special thanks to the good folks who came up to West Springfield and put in many hours working in the Store.
Now we have to start thinking about doing it all again for the coming year!  Can we do it?  Knowing all of you the way we do - we bet we CAN!  Let’s start now so that when next September arrives we will be in great shape for another record breaking year for the Country Store!
Back to this year - Connecticut needlework was excellent as usual and we congratulate the winners.  The judges said the work done in New England was some of the best they had ever seen.  They had a long deliberation over several of the classes!  Can’t say we don’t make our judges work hard!
The ten needlework categories will remain as they have been for 2008!  You can get started on your entries now!
Regional meetings are underway to inform our CWA people (and anyone else interested in the work of the department) about the program for the new year.  Our theme will stay with us in part- so listen carefully and you’ll know that the “Melody Lingers On!”
There will be a new recipe and a little different way of doing the craft contest.
Projects will continue to support the Connecticut Granger, Student Loan and Covenant to Care.  We haven’t forgotten the Foster kids - a new project will be announced for them.
We are starting another year of service and know you will keep singing, keep happy and keep working for the CWA!!

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