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Junior Grange News
2008 Crafts Announced

By Joan Perry, Junior Director

  DECEMBER 2007 -- It’s hard to believe that we are starting a new year already.  Before I talk about the crafts for this year, I have to congratulate Katrina Sebastian of Ekonk Community Jr. Grange.  I read in the Norwich Bulletin newspaper that she won the Creepy Tales contest in the grades 9-12 category.  It was for “One Cold Friday,” a scary story using text messaging language.  Great job!
The Regional Craft for the “Big E” this year is to make something for Valentine’s Day. This craft will be judged at Grange Sunday at Good Will Grange Hall on June 10th.  The only restriction is that it can’t be over 12”x12” an no kits.  Hope we have a lot of entries.
The other contests that will be judged at State Session on October 16th, 2008 will be making something from soda straws, make a seed picture, recycle some egg cartons and make a picture from different fabrics.  The creative writing theme is “What country would I like to visit and why?”  Remember that we are still doing Welcome Posters for National Grange so that we can hang them on the walls of the hotel.  
Have a wonderful Holiday!


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