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Northeast Leader's Conference in Review

By National Grange Press Release (January 2015)

  FEBRUARY 10, 2015 --

Grange leaders from NY, Conn., RI, Mass., Maine, VT, and NH attended the Northeast Grange Leaders Conference from Jan. 9-11 with 125 Grange leaders from across the region.  In addition, Lillian Booth, Burton Eller, and Ed Luttrell from the National Grange participated. Friday began with an invocation, a salute to the Flag, and welcome by Chris Heath, Master of the New Hampshire State Grange. The group then broke for breakout sessions. These sessions included: The NE Grange Building Trustees meeting, Lecturers, Chaplains, Youth, Juniors, Family/WCA, Community Service, Agriculture/Legislative, Membership, and Masters. The Northeast Connection (National Grange hosting) met the following day. During these sessions, each group discussed activities pertinent to them and where National Grange could help and how Community Granges could benefit.

Saturday began with a workshop on the Pease Greeters. These Greeters meet each planeload of service men and women departing or arriving the country through Pease Airport in Portsmouth, NH. “It was an inspiring presentation and a tremendous patriotic community service program,” National Grange President, Edward Luttrell said. Following that event was a lecture on Lyme disease and herbal formulating to treat and prevent Lyme disease.

A Panel consisting of a party leader and the speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, two business leaders, and two non-profit leaders (a local minister and National President Luttrell) discussed their leadership styles, beginnings, and goals. Questions were asked by the audience and the panel gave their answers. During the Q &A, The National Master explained the history, timeline, and principles behind the court cases in California. He then answered questions from the Northeastern leaders on the subject. The members were appreciative of having their questions answered and their comments heard.

The evening concluded with a Banquet and the presentation of Firefighter, Police Officer, and Educator of the Year for the Northeast Region.

Sunday began with Devotions led by the New Hampshire State Chaplain and a recap of what each of the breakout sessions had decided or discussed.

Next Year, the 2016 Northeast Grange Leaders Conference will be hosted by Massachusetts on January 8-10.

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