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Youth News
2015 CT State Grange Youth Theme: Youth, Our Future Generation

By Jean Meehan, CT State Grange Youth Committee Co-Director

  MARCH 9, 2015 --

I would like to introduce you to the members of the State Grange Youth Committee.   Jean Meehan from Prospect Grange and Anne-Marie Knochenhauer from Groton Grange will share the directorship with Jodi Ann Cameron from Ekonk Grange and Bryan Kaplan from Beacon Valley Grange.

We are planning to have lots of activities for the grange youth to do to keep them busy.  Our theme this year is “Youth, our future generation.”  We hope to promote the grange and therefore, get youth interested in joining the grange.  We have the following programs so far,  a Youth Scrapbook Contest, Poster Contest to promote youth membership, a Youth week-end, BBQ, hoping the youth in the eastern part of the state will continue with a drill team, with hope of getting one started in the western part of the state.  Sign-a-song, public speaking and a scavenger hunt.

if there is any other program that you the youth would like to see, please feel free to contact me or Anne-Marie Knochenhauer.

We are proud to announce the Youth program for the year is available.  Some of the booklets have been passed out at the Pink Sash Day. We will see that each Pomona gets a copy and will try to get a copy to all Subordinate Granges here in Ct.  We do hope the Youth in our grange will take advantage of the contests and events planned for the year. The booklet also includes some of the National Grange contests.  Please check the National Grange website for more information.

We are planning Shepherd’s Pie for the Let’s Celebrate luncheon at Cheshire Grange Hall on June 14.There will be a salad and a dessert included at a price just $7.00 any profits will go to the Youth Fund.


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