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National Grange: 2015 Master's Conference

By National Grange Press Release (March 6, 2015)

  MARCH 6, 2015 --

Each year, all of the State Masters congregate to discuss pressing issues within their states as well as to attend seminars and exchange ideas about how to boost membership within the Grange.  

This year, the event took place in Belleville, Illinois at Turkey Hill Grange#1370 between Friday, February 27 and Sunday, March 1.  The conference, which was hosted but the Illinois State Grange, focused on the theme "Building the Grange for the Future".  

Main topics of the weekend conference included delivering on the grass roots of what we do as an organization legislatively. There was also an in depth interactive presentation about the foundation of the Grange with regards to how our primary values have changed over our long history. A panel discuss was then held on the topic of how these values, including the Grange rules, ritual, and culture, help local Granges prosper.  

"We had an excellent discussion on expanding the role of community service and ways to get involved with our local communities more," said National Grange Legislative Director, Burton Eller in regards to the panel discussion.  "We, as an organization, were always seen as leaders in our communities. We need to get back to that foundation of community service and legislative outreach."  

The State Master's of the Grange as well as the National Grange are committee to developing local Granges and fostering our community outreach at the local, state, and national level.  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas on how to improve your community, don't hesitate to contact your State and National Grange offices for support.  

Together, we can build the grange for the future!  


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