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From The Chaplain's Desk
January 2008 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  JANUARY 2008 -- The new year is upon us now and we look to make a new beginning in our lives.  We can look to find God’s grace as illustrated by Jesus Christ.  He demonstrated a forgiving nature which revealed to all of us the forgiving nature of our relationship with God.  It is a love tat offers us constant opportunity to be forgiven and freed from our mistakes of the past.  This love is God’s grace for all of us and operates as the big eraser in our lives.
Only as we appreciate the darkness and despair at the time of Jesus’ birth and life can we appreciate the gifts he brought to the world.  He knew the incredible power that each human being has to impact his or her own life by thoughts, words and actions that each one chooses to express.  Most of the affirming actions in our lives are based on the affirming actions in God’s law of grace.  This is so because this is what the world needs most.
Can we overuse the gift of God’s grace?  The answer is no.  God does not just love, He is Love and cannot just stop holding us in Love and forgiveness.  It is all a process of learning and growing; and thanks to God’s gift of grace, we can know the best is yet to come.  My best wishes for your best New Year ever.


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