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Public Relations News
Make your plans

By Carl Bernhardt, State Publicity Director

  FEBRUARY 2008 -- Have you finished making your plans for the coming year?  What are you waiting for? Today can be the first day of the best Grange year you have ever had.  Think positive.  Pursue casual acquaintances.  They may just be waiting to be asked to join the Grange. 

PUBLICIZE your activities.  Let your fellow townspeople know what a great active group you are.  Tell the world just how great the Grange is.  “Blow our own horns”  PUBLICIZE!  People don’t know if we keep it a deep dark secret.  Don’t be ashamed to say “I BELONG TO THE GRANGE.  WHY DON’T YOU JOIN US?  SOME OF THE NICEST PEOPLE I KNOW BELONG.” 

Your own actions and activities are the best free publicity the Grange can get.  Don’t speak in a negative manner.  Stress all the good points.  Every member of your Grange is a walking, talking advertisement.  Remember, we need positive publicity.  Forget yesterday and let Today be the first day of our newer and better Granges in Connecticut.


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