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National Grange Urges Support for Commodity Program Reform
  FEBRUARY 2008 -- The National Grange recently joined with agricultural and other citizen’s groups urging the Senate Agriculture Committee to support meaningful commodity program payment limitation reform. The group endorsed a clean vote by the full Senate on the Dorgan-Grassley payment limitation proposal, unclouded by inclusion of fig leaf “reform” in the Committee bill.

In the letter, the coalition stated true payment limitation reform must include “hard” caps and effective limits on all payments and gains, including generic certificates and gains on forfeiture of commodities to satisfy marketing loans. It must include reform of the actively engaged in farming rules, including concrete, objective standards for active labor and management as recommended by the Government Accountability Office and the USDA Payment Limitation Commission. It must include a requirement of regular, continuous on-site involvement as well as rules that prevent one farmer from qualifying multiple corporations to collectively receive payments exceeding the limits.

Finally effective payment limitations must incorporate real reductions in effective limits for all mega-farms, not just those operated by unmarried farmers.

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