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Family Activities News
The melody will linger on!

By Jane Miller, State Women's Activities Committee

  MARCH 2008 -- “The Melody Lingers On” with the CWA but we have a brand new Baking Contest for 2008 - Applesauce Medley Quick Bread!  I think you’ll find the aroma and flavor of this delicious bread will linger on, too!
The CWA Baking Contest is a fun contest that is only for Grange members, their children and grandchildren and Junior Grangers.  Everyone uses the same recipe, but no Junior judging is required prior to the State Judging.  All Junior entries come directly to the State Judging.  We have not had many entries from the youngsters in recent years, so why not encourage those kids and grandkids to enter?  Recipes are available from your CWA chairman or State CWA.
Judging will be at the Subordinate and State levels only.  The Subordinate judging will be done at the discretion of the CWA Chairman.  The winner will represent that Grange at the State Judging, which will be held at our “Let’s Celebrate Day” on Sat., July 26 at Good Will Grange Hall in Glastonbury.  Enter 1 Quick Bread on a disposable plate, labeled with Name and Grange.  Prize money of $15.00, $10.00 and $5.00 and ribbons will be awarded to both adults and Juniors.  We encourage the contestants to take their entries home following the judging.

Last year, the judges had a very hard time judging the baking contest, since there was no recipe provided.  After some thought, the committee decided to choose one recipe for all to follow.  This way, we can use a score sheet so that entries can all be judged against each other.  Now that our Celebration Day is a done day event, we do not have to be as concerned with spoilage, which allows more flexibility in our choice of recipe.
In keeping with our music theme, we have chosen Applesauce Medley Quick Bread!  This hearty loaf is a medley of tart applesauce, spices, raisins, and nuts.  It’s aroma evokes autumn memories of cider mills, baskets of apples and fills your senses with song!
For the contest, we are asking you to use 3 baby loaf pans, approximately 3.5”x6.5”.  The disposable aluminum kind is fine.  An entry will not be disqualified based on size, but by using the smaller pan, you will have some left over to sample!  The original recipe calls for the traditional 9x5 bread pan, but I also made it in 1 baby and 1 8x4 pan.
Quick breads generally require a long time to bake- an hour or more- and many people do not like to heat up the oven for 1 bread.  The larger breads obviously took longer to bake.  I used tented foil when I noticed the edges browning too much.  I also used purchased unsweetened applesauce, but homemade applesauce could be used.
Quick breads are the most popular type of home made bread.  They are easy to put together and serve a most important Yankee purpose- an excellent way to “use it up.”  Any number of fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into a quick bread.  Quick breads store remarkably well.  A loaf tightly wrapped and kept at a cool temperature will retain its freshness and flavor for a week or more.  Recipes can easily be doubled, so it is possible to make several loaves and freeze them to have on hand at all times.  This quick bread is prepared using an electric mixer.
Successful quick breads bake up moist and tender with a compact consistency.  They are usually 2-2.5” high and have a soft crust with an attractive split running down the center of the loaf. For best results, use a serrated knife for slicing.  Be sure the bread is thoroughly cooled before slicing.  We are hoping you will try this recipe and enter the CWA Baking Contest!


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