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From The Historian's Desk
In the days of “Newspapers of Record”…

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  MARCH 2008 -- Our officers and committees use the Granger for getting their projects and news out to our members.  Many times we find it is difficult to get our news into local papers.  As usual I was reading “history” and found the following from 1886 when news items were readily printed in local papers.  From J. H. Hale’s Master’s Address:
“The good work of the press should not be forgotten.  Aside from taking up more than a column a week for the publication of our directory, giving names and post office addresses of the Master, Lecturer and Secretary of each Grange in the State, the Connecticut Farmer, early last winter, started a “Grange Department” and has since freely published every item of Grange news that the members of the Order saw fit to send them, and from a half to two columns of interesting matter has been published each week, and much good has been accomplished.  The New England Homestead, with its New England news, besides giving us strong editorial backing, as has the Connecticut Farmer.  These papers deserve our cordial support and cooperation in the good work they are doing, not only for us as Patrons, but also for the general cause of agriculture.”
“The secular press has also recognized our organization as an important factor in Connecticut rural life, and the Hartford Courant and Times, have published much of our Grange news; The Hartford Times giving complete daily reports from the National Grange in Philadelphia.  The East Hartford Gazette and the Manchester Herald have also freely published all Grange contributions, and none having anything but good to say of the Order.  All this has tended to strengthen us, and to enlighten the outside public as to the real purposes of the Grange, and so the good work has greatly prospered, and the full measure of credit should be given to those that have so helped us in our work.”
Continue sending the news of your projects and events to your local papers in order that our good works may be known to the outside public.


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