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New National Grange Benefit: InfoArmor

By National Grange Press Release (August 2015)

  SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 --

National Grange is pleased to offer as a benefot to our members INFOARMOR, the leading identity and credit monitoring program.   INFOARMOR alerts you of suspicious activity before major damages have been done. INFOARMOR is an employee benefit in over 70 of "the Fortune 500".   The program is available to businesses with over 1000 employees and is now regardless of size is available to all members of the National Grange including clients and employees. This exclusive benefit is not available to the public.

INFOARMOR provides industry-leading identity and privacy protection services to fight emerging fraud.  Our proprietary technology detects more fraud, sooner by monitoring the point of new account application/creation.  At work employees spend on the average 58 hours correcting their credit and restoring their ID.  Multiple that times 4% of your work force and its a major problem.  With INFOARMOR your staff stays engaged at work while we do all the work.

Privacy Armor Includes:

SNAPD 2.0 Identity Monitoring
We monitor identities to uncover identity fraud at its inception.  Now with High Rick Transaction alerts, more fraud is detected sooner, including unauthorized account access, fund transfers and password resets.

Credit Armor
Credit Armor offers an annual credit report, monthly credit scores, and monitoring of TransUnion credit file for no additional charge.  Activate these credit services in your online portal with our complements.

Internet Surveillance
By scouring an ever-evolving network of compromised machines, we detect information misuse and compromised credentials in the Underground Internet and alert consumers with unparalleled accuracy.

Digital Identity
This interactive, easy-to-read report summarizes what a real-time deep Internet search finds out about a subscriber, offers a Privacy Grade and tips to better secure personal information.

Wallet Armor
This secure, online document repository makes your lost wallet replacement quick and easy.  Using state-of-the-art technology, we now include real-time card monitoring of the Underground Internet.

Social Media Reputation Monitoring
We monitor your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profile to give actionable alerts of reputational damage including racist, violent, derogatory, vulgar, or inappropriate comments.  Let us keep tabs on your digital footprint so you don't have to.

Let INFOARMOR's certified restoration experts do the work for you making all the calls. All members qualify & InfoArmor will also give 7% of your annual membership purchase back to the Grange.

$12.95 per person per month or 
$16.95 per family (up to 5) per month 

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