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From The Chaplain's Desk
March 2008 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  MARCH 2008 -- Now is the time of year to consider happiness in our lives as we enter this Eastertide.  True happiness, I have learned is the result of the patient and consistent love you have for yourself and all other beings, recognizing God in yourself and in all.  You can truly see the power of love.  Love can bring healing and happiness.  God’s love is the element bringing us together and keeping us together in happiness.  I have learned the secret to happiness is to have what we desire and to desire that which expresses God in our lives.
Happiness can be achieved by loving God, your neighbor and yourself.  Loving God above all things we find each of us is a unique expression, a divine idea of God, holy, innocent and beautiful.  In loving yourself and your neighbors you are loving God.  We possess an unlimited ability and power to love.  Unconditional love can only be found when we learn to say I am going to love you no matter what you do or say.  I will look past appearances and see the love you are.
Are you patient?  To be happy, simply decide to live and let live.  In most cases you did not cause the problem others are having, nor can you control or cure them.  Do what you can with where you are and what you have.  Be caring and patient and shower yourself with happiness.  Jesus said, “God is spirit and the Realm of God is within you.”  “So all the potential of God and good is within you.”  If you have not been taught to love yourself, begin today.  It will heal you and bring you happiness.
My wish for you at this time of Easter is happiness and love in your lives as the Savior brought love into our lives.


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